Lunar Dates

Calculate the CyCal Date (a Lunar/Solar date) for any Gregorian Date.

For example, if you enter your Gregorian birthdate, you will get the CyCal Lunar Month name and the day of that Lunar Month that actually corresponded with the day and year of your birth.

Let's say your birthday is March 14th, 1972. If you enter this date into the calculator you will get the 29th Day of the Waking Spring Moon. This means you were born on the 29th Day of the Waking Spring Moon.

Surprise! This will give you an additional day on which to celebrate your birthday. Your Lunar Birthday. The 29th Day of the Waking Spring Moon will always be near(ish) to March 14th, but rarely will the two dates fully coincide.

You can also use this calculator to calculate the CyCal Date for any Gregorian date, past, present, or future.

Note - if the CyCal Date falls in a Leap Lunar Month, you'll need to decide for each year if it makes sense to recognize that date during the Lunar Month previous to or following the missing Leap Month.